FRIDGE IT® 6 Pack Combination Cube and Wafer

Fragrance Free Fridge-It® Cubes and Fridge-It® Wafers are ideal odor absorbers, for even the worst odors in refrigerators and for providing fresher tasting and smelling ice in the freezer.

Two great odor solutions in one convenient package! 3 Fridge It Cubes and 3 Fridge It Wafers.

FRIDGE IT® and AUTO 6 Pack Combination

Unscented odor absorbers for both car and home. More effective than standard air fresheners because it completely removes the odor rather than hiding it behind strong scents!

Odor absorbing solutions for your home and car in one discount package! 3 Fridge It cubes and 3 Innofresh auto wafers.

FRIDGE IT® and PET 6 Pack Combination

Innofresh PET odor absorber traps and eliminates those lingering odors from your pets

3 Innovative FRIDGE IT® odor absorbing cubes paired with the power of 3 Innofresh PET odor eliminators.

Innofresh Fragrance Free Home Combination- 6 pack

Innofresh's Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers Removes Odors Without Adding Overpowering Sprays, Smells or Allergens!

Sensitive to fragranced air fresheners? This combo is right for you!

Innofresh Home and Auto Combination- 6 pack

Odor elimination for Home, Fridge, Car and Pet odor problems. Activated charcoal works on tough odors.

Multiple odor problems? One convenient odor solution at one low price!